Leave Management

Paid time off has a significant financial impact on a company's bottom line. Research has shown that employers spend an average of 14.6% of payroll on absence-related benefits.

Given the financial resources committed to time off programs and the paper intensive processes that surround those policies, it's no wonder that many employers are evaluating their leave management processes and policies to make sure they are not wasting time and money.

Employease Leave Management helps Finance and HR Departments sleep better at night knowing that their leave programs are efficiently managed and accurately tracked.

Employease Leave Management screen shot

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Companies can establish and enforce the rules for all of their leave policies, and build workflows into the system so that the person responsible for the request is making the request. Routing and approvals can also be customized based on a company's unique business processes. Most importantly, time off information will be consolidated for analysis, reporting, and financial planning.

Employease Leave Management is fully integrated with all other ADP Employease applications and services.

Using Leave Management, Employees can:
View time earned, time taken and remaining balance for each policy assigned
Model available time balance as of a specific date to get a real time snap shot of balance information
Enter and request time off
Carryover accrued time
View time off transaction history
Using Leave Management, Managers can:
Approve or reject employee requests for time off
View time earned, time taken and time remaining for each employee
Model an employee's balance as of a specific date
Carryover accrued time
View time off transaction history
Make adjustments to an employee's balance
View transaction history of employee leave requests
Using Leave Management, HR Professionals can:
Perform all of the functions that employees and managers can perform
Edit leave records
Delete leave records
Manage leave policy assignments
Edit the employee's service date
Assign leave policies during the hire process
Report on aggregate data for leave policies
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